Apple Design Credo

if everyone

  is busy making everything…

how can anyone perfect anything?

we start to confuse convenience

     with joy.

…abundance with choice.

designing something requires


the first thing we ask is

  what do we want people to feel?





then we begin to craft around our intention

it takes time…………

there are a thousand no’s

     for every yes

:: we simplify ::

:: we perfect ::

:: we start over ::

until everything we touch

enhances each life it touches

only then do we sign our work ::….

Designed by Apple in California

Do Something Wonderful

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Untitled, a photo by blue(skied) on Flickr.

Apple Credo

It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough.  We believe that it’s technology married with the humanities that yields us the results that makes our heart sing.  Nowhere is that more true than these post-PC devices.  Folks are rushing into this tablet market, and they’re looking at it as the next PC, in which the hardware and the software are done by different companies.  Our experience, and every bone in our body, says that is not the right approach.  These are post-PC devices that need to be even more intuitive and easier to use than a PC, and where the software and the hardware and the applications need to be intertwined in an even more seamless way than they are on a PC.  We think we have the right architecture not just in silicon, but in our organization, to build these kinds of products.

Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson

Here’s to the crazy ones…

~ Apple’s “Think Different” Campaign Commercial

Think Different

Jobs and [Lee] Clow agreed that Apple was one of the great brands of the world, probably in the top five based on emotional appeal, but they needed to remind folks what was distinctive about it. So they wanted a brand image campaign, not a set of advertisements featuring products. It was designed to celebrate not what the computers could do, but what creative people could do with the computers. “This wasn’t about processor speed or memory,” Jobs recalled. “It was about creativity.” It was directed not only at potential customers, but also at Apple’s own employees. “We at Apple had forgotten who we were. One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are. That was the genesis of that [Think Different] campaign.”

~ Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

One Simple Fact

NeXT Branding

Apple Core

In a 1997 MacWorld speech, Steve Jobs outlined the key things on which the Company would focus:

  • Board of Directors
  • Focus on Relevance
  • Invest in Core Assets
  • Successful Partnerships
  • New Product Paradigm

Audiophiles & Audio Files

While the Danish company [Bang & Olufsen] pursued its own cult of design, others like Apple formulated a new aesthetic that took into account the graphical user interface and Moore’s law. As the iPod ad iTunes took off, conversation-piece home entertainment objects seemed less and less relevant. It turned out that the sound system of tomorrow wasn’t an elegant $5,000 device that gave you instant access to six CDs; it was a $400 gadget that allowed you to slip thousands of songs into your hip pocket. Audiophiles lost out to audio files.

   ~ Wired Magazine, Rob Walker, Can the Cult of Bang & Olufsen Last?


1,000 Songs in your Pocket