How to Create a Mind

Both hardware and software are progressing exponentially.  If logical thinking were the essence of intelligence, then computers would already be superior to us.  The area where humans still have an edge is our emotional intelligence.  Emotion is not some sideshow or distraction to intelligence.  Being funny, being sexy, expressing love – those are the cutting edge of human intelligence.

   ~ “Can We Reverse-engineer the Brain”, interview with Ray Kurzweil, by Brian O’Keefe, Fortune Magazine, January 2013


Accelerating Returns

As order increases, time increases exponentially.  The time between salient events decreases.

Order is information that fits a purpose.  The measure of order is the measure of how well the information fits the purpose.

A long time isn’t as long as it use to be.


The ability to use limited resources optimally, including time, for survival.  

Shaping resources for practical purposes and transcending the comprising materials.



In a closed system, disorder (entropy) increases.   

Time moves in relation to the amount of chaos in the system.

We are order amid great chaos.

The Book of Life

Most of your genetic information is contained within the double-stranded DNA molecules that reside within the nuclei of your cells.  DNA molecules are so large that if the coiled DNA of a single cell were unraveled into a straight line, it would stretch more than six feet; if all the DNA in the human body were put end to end, it would reach to the sun and back more than 600 times.

The Bridges To Come

“Here’s an original idea: replace the genetic machinery altogether (the cell nucleus, ribosomes, and related structures) with a small computerized robot. The computer would store the gentic code, which is only about 800 megabytes of information, or about 30 megabytes using data compression. The computerized system replacing the nucleus would then perform the function of the ribosomes by directly assembling strings of amino acids according to the computerized genetic information. These computers would all be on a wireless local area network, so improvements to the genetic code could be quickly downloaded from the Internet. It would not be necessary for the computer replacing each cell nucleus to have a complete copy of the genetic code, since these computers will be able to share their information”