ogacihchicago // Inspired by ideas I see from the very creative @asharris after I learned about #mirrorgram from Seth @hallwood on ISO50 blog.

Luminous Field Chicago Millennium Park Chicago

Skating Under a Twilit Sky

Skating Under a Twilit Sky by rjseg1
Skating Under a Twilit Sky, a photo by rjseg1 on Flickr.

Chicago Stained Glass

stained glass 76266 by MerlinsMan
stained glass 76266, a photo by MerlinsMan on Flickr.

Principle, Pragmatism and Progress

Almost every one of these ideas has been discussed and debated before. But politics has stood in the way of their adoption. Maybe in the past, we could afford the political path. But we have come to the point where we can’t afford it any longer. The cost of putting political choices ahead of practical solutions has become too expensive. It is destroying Chicago’s finances and threatening the city’s future. In all of these reforms, we will be guided by principle, pragmatism and progress — not politics. What we simply cannot do is to temporize any longer. We can’t kick the can down the road because we’ve run out of road.

    ~ NY Times, A Progressive in the Age of Austerity by Thomas Friedman



Chicago IMG_7535 by OZinOH
Chicago IMG_7535, a photo by OZinOH on Flickr.