Logic: the beginning of wisdom, not the end…

Formal logic cannot function apart from the principle of non-contradiction, but experience includes much that seems contradictory.   Quantum physics is full of examples such as the principle of uncertainty, the wave-particle paradox, the problem of non-locality in particle interaction, and so forth.  Even at the level of pure logic there is inherent uncertainty as entailed by the “Principle of Incompleteness”, known on Earth as Gödel’s Theorem, which states that given any formal system of logic sufficiently complicated to be descriptive of experience, if it explicitly states all functional axioms, theorems, and postulates, it will contain contradictions.  The Principle of Incompleteness demonstrates that in order to maintain non-contradiction in formal reasoning, it is necessary to have open-endedness.

   ~ Star Trek and Philosophy, Jason Eberl and Kevin Decker

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