Deep & Lasting Impact

Yes, we are impressed with how Jobs steered Apple toward market leadership and a series of financial home runs these past ten years. But we are even more touched by the larger purpose behind all that Jobs did. He set out to set out to change the world through his products. As he said more than 15 years ago, the revolution in information distribution was all about creating opportunity by helping individuals do things “that only large groups of people with lots of money could do before. … We have much more opportunity for people to get to the marketplace — not just the marketplace of commerce but the marketplace of ideas. The marketplace of publications, the marketplace of public policy. You name it.” If we think about the role of smart phones in the Arab Spring or the Occupy Wall Street protests, we see just how right Jobs was. This is deep, lasting impact. And as we know, Jobs chased this purpose with unflagging passion, occasional harshness, and extraordinary persistence.

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